Max B. Martin Schalmeien since 1905


MARTIN-Trumpets were invented by Max B. Martin in 1905. Its predecessors were the fanfare trumpets from the Deutsche Signal-Instrumenten-Fabrik, which was founded in Markneukirchen/Saxony in 1880. The Kaiser Fanfare comes from this celebrated era.

The original 8-note MARTIN-Trumpet range also includes the 4-fache Begleitung. This instrument is an invention of Otto Günther, the grandson of Max B. Martin. In 1984, the product portfolio was expanded to include the 16-note MARTIN-Trumpets.

It’s easy to learn to play music on these, even challenging pieces. Each note is produced by a tuned single-reed tongue.

State-of-the-art production technology enables us to achieve qualities such as consistent sound quality, long service lives and easy maintenance for the MARTIN-Trumpets.

All of our precision parts, such as valve stems and valve cones, are manufactured using modern CNC-controlled milling and turning machines. High accuracy of fit and excellent sealing are guaranteed. Each MARTIN-Trumpet is put through stringent quality testing before it is dispatched.

Aluminium alloys and plastics are also being used, in addition to the traditional materials, brass and nickel silver. The instruments are therefore lighter and oxidation is prevented. Furthermore, acceptance for plastic is growing among those who are allergic to nickel.

E-flat major

b-flat‘, e-flat“, g“, b-flat“,
Length 44 cm, straight
Order No. 1026.03

C major bugle-call

g‘ c‘‘ e‘‘ g‘‘,
Length 48 cm, straight
Order No. 1075.03

E-flat major bugle-call

b-flat‘, e-flat“, g“, b-flat“,
Length 42 cm, straight
Order No. 1076.03


B-flat major bugle-call

b-flat‘, d“, f“, a-flat“,
length 42 cm, straightgerade
Order No. 1077.03



b-flat‘ e-flat“ – b-flat‘ d“,
Length 42 cm, straight
Order No. 1078.03

MARTIN-Trumpet Bass
b-flat – e-flat‘, 2-note,
length 77 cm, straight
Order No. 1079.03


The 8-note MARTIN-Trumpets are perfect for all popular melodies in compositions. The instruments have 8 nickel-plated brass horns and thus have a range of one diatonic octave. You can order the instruments in straight or upright form. A cup mouthpiece is included in the supply scope for every MARTIN-Trumpet. Four MARTIN-Trumpets are used to create the basic formation for a band: Soprano, Alto, Baritone and the 4-fache Begleitung.


MARTIN-Trumpet Soprano
g‘ - g‘‘,
Length 53 cm, straight
Order No. 1370.03

MARTIN-Trumpet Soprano
g‘ - g‘‘‚
Height 60 cm, upright
Order No. 1370.13



MARTIN-Trumpet Alto
e' - e'',
Length 61 cm, straight
Order No. 1371.03

MARTIN-Trumpet Alto
e' - e'',
Height 68 cm, upright
Order No. 1371.13



Akkord Begleitung

e‘ g‘ c" – f‘ g‘ h‘,
Length 57 cm, straight
Order No. 1372.03

MARTIN-Trumpet Bass
g h c‘ d‘,
Length 96 cm, straight
Order No. 1373.03

MARTIN-Trumpet Bass
g h c‘ d‘,
Height 99 cm, upright
Order No. 1373.13

MARTIN-Trumpet Piccolo
g‘‘ – g‘‘‘,
Length 31 cm, upright
Order No. 1374.03

MARTIN-Trumpet Soprano-Double-Octave
g' - g''',
Height 60 cm, upright
Order No. 1375.13


MARTIN-Trumpet Baritone
(No image)
g -g', Length 96 cm, straight
Order No. 1376.03

MARTIN-Trumpet Baritone
g - g‘, Height 101 cm, upright
Order No. 1376.13


c" - c‘‘‘,
Length 43 cm, straight
Order No. 1378.03


MARTIN-Trumpet C -Tenor
(no image)
c‘ - c‘‘, Length 75 cm, straight
Order No. 1379.03

MARTIN-Trumpet C -Tenor
c‘ - c‘‘, Height 81 cm, upright
Order No. 1379.13

MARTIN-Trumpet Tiefe Begleitung
(no image)
g c‘ e‘ - g h f‘, Length 95 cm, straight
Order No. 1380.03

MARTIN Trumpet Tiefe Begleitung
g c‘ e‘ - g h f‘, Height 96 cm, upright
Order No. 1380.13

MARTIN-Trumpet 4-fache Begleitung
g c‘ e‘ - g h d‘ - a d' f-sharp' - a c' f',
Height 101 cm, upright
Order No. 1385.13




The 16-note Martin-Trumpets is perfect for greater aspirations. With this instrument, compositions can be played in any key. When the 4th valve is pressed, the intermediate and higher semitones are played. These trumpets are only manufactured in upright form.


MARTIN-Trumpet Soprano
g‘ - b-flat‘‘ chromatic,
Height 64 cm, upright
Order No. 1392.13



MARTIN-Trumpet Alto
e‘ - g‘‘ chromatic
Height 73 cm, upright
Order No. 1393.13



MARTIN-Trumpet Tenor
c‘ - d-sharp‘‘ chromatic
Height 87 cm, upright
Order No. 1394.13



MARTIN-Trumpet Baritone
g - b-flat‘ chromatic
Height 106 cm, upright
Order No. 1396.13



Beak mouthpiece
Nickel plated, screw-in
Order No. 343.03

Cup mouthpiece
Nickel plated, screw-in
Order No. 341.03
Larger model
Order No. 341 03G

or made of plastic, white,
Order No. 341.03/K

Leather instrument strap
with 2 snap hooks, black
Order No. 489.00



For straight Martin trumpets
Order No. 887.03



For upright Martin trumpets
Order No. 887.13


MARTIN-Trumpet Cases

The cases are made of:

  • Polyester fabric with waterproof inner coating
  • Lined with 3cm of foam and velour
  • Separate hard plate for bell protection
  • Carrying handle with leather grip and shoulder strap

MARTIN Trumpet Case
for 8-note Alto Martin Trumpets

Also appropriate for C-tenor,
soprano, accord schalmei
Order No. 38-0065



MARTIN Trumpet Case
for 8-note Baritone Martin Trumpets

also appropriate for 4-bell schalmei,
bass schalmei
Order No. 38-0064



MARTIN Trumpet Case
for 16-note Baritone Martin Trumpets

Also appropriate for tenor
Order No. 38-0066




MARTIN Trumpet Case
for 16-note Martin Soprano Trumpets

Also appropriate for alto and
double octave
Order No. 38-0067

Mouthpiece case
in foam-lined  velour
Order No. 38-0068



Outer pocket for small parts
Can be velcro-attached
Order No. 38-0069



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