MARTIN-Horn® 2090 R

MARTIN aspirator for emergency doctor and ambulance


A series-wound DC motor with a centrifugal blower generates the negative pressure for aspirating. A separation filter must be installed in the intake pipe in acc. with Section 4.


The aspirator must be installed in the vehicle in a spot which is protected from the influence of weather and temperature. The oiler must not face downwards.

Screw the base to the desired spot. The metal reinforcement plate can be used as a drilling template.

A fuse or overcurrent protection switch must be inserted upstream in the electrical supply line, namely 10 Amp. for 12 Volt operating voltage or 6 Amp. for 24 Volt operating voltage.


The filter is used to keep secretion, particles of blood and condensation water, which cannot be completely absorbed by the separator, away from the aspirator and to thus prevent the corrosion of the grey cast iron and steel parts in the aspirator.

The filter should be mounted close to the aspirator in the vehicle so that the filter cup hangs down. Note the flow direction for the air connections. The tip of the arrow must point towards the aspirator.

Cleaning the filter cup
If the cup is heavily soiled, it can be unscrewed and washed out with a light detergent. Please do not use petrol, alcohol or solvents and the like; these substances could dissolve the container.

Oiling the blower
After approx. 20 operating hours, fill the red wick oilers with thin oil, which must be resin-free and acid-free and have a setting point below -40° C. Every aspirator comes with a small can of this special oil, which can also be reordered at any time. Never use normal machine or engine oil!

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