Wick oiler extension

for MARTIN-HORN® 2097 GM und 2298 GM

The wick oiler extension allows the blower motor to also be mounted in difficult to reach areas whilst still ensuring sufficient and convenient oil supply.

To install, simply screw the extension onto the wick oiler in place of the cover, the tube can then be shortened to any length. Fix the filling nozzle (for type 1) with 2 countersunk screws Ø 3 mm and press in the upper tube clip. Always ensure that the flow of oil to the wick oiler is guaranteed during installation.

Fill the extension with max. half a bottle (25 ccm) of special oil, then check it every 4 to 6 weeks.

Article No. 2642-04
Type 1 with fixing ring, 35 cm long

Article No. 2641-04
Type 2 without fixing ring, 35 cm long


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