MARTIN-Horn® 2097 GM

Safety in action for emergency doctor, ambulance and police


The company Deutsche Signal-Instrumenten-Fabrik Max B. Martin had already developed in 1932 together with the fire and police services a siren which was legally prescribed as a special signal for prioritised road users (legislator: “Warning device with a series of tones of different
frequencies”). Every special signal device on German police and fire service vehicles before 2nd World War was actually a MARTIN-HORN®.

The registered tradename MARTIN-HORN® refers to sirens which use one or more tones to form a warning signal. The genuine MARTIN-HORN® is recognised by its penetrating, trumpetlike tones.

Unlike the MARTIN-HORN® device 2298 GM, the 2097 GM device does not require tremolo tuning.


  • 2 diaphragm acoustic horns
  • tuned a‘/ d‘‘ (440/585 Hz)
  • 1 electrical blower with 12 or 24 V DC with mounting base
  • automatic valve and switching mechanism
  • interference suppression capacitor

Additional data

  • Current consumptionapprox. 120 W
  • Volume: 122 dB(A) at a distance of 1 m
  • DIN 14610 EG
  • DIN B 05
  • ECE E1 10R-022691

When ordering, please indicate the operating voltage!

Normal accessories:

  • 2 connection hoses each 1 m long (longer on request) with retaining screws and union nuts
  • 1 set of connecting leads
  • 1 relay
  • 1 can of special oil
  • 1 toggle switch
  • 1 Reinforcement plate with screws
  • 1 installation manual

Special accessories:

  • Snow protection caps (When using snow protection caps, the total length of the cups increases by 30 mm.)

Bracket for diaphragm acoustic horn
Required quantity: 2 pieces
(per acoustic horn 1x)

No. 2529.04

Sketch PDF Download

2 x Snow protection cap
for acoustic horn a‘
No. 2554.43

2 x Snow protection cap
for acoustic horn d"
N o. 2554.23


Elbow connection
with union nut
for Diaphragm acoustic horns
No. 2568.14


Elbow connection
with retaining screw
for blower
No. 2568.04

Union nut
with hose grommet Ø 9mm
for Diaphragm acoustic horns
No. 2563.63

Retaining screw
with hose grommet Ø 9mm
for blower
Nr. 2565.65


Assembly kit
for Diaphragm acoustic horns (1 Set)
No. 2528.04

Assembly kit PDF Download

Accessory for MARTIN-HORN® 2097 GM and 2298 GM

new prices from 01.04.2024

Other countries

Model 2097 AM

tuned: g' c''

Model 2097 HM
tuned: cis'' gis'

Model 2097 NM  
tuned: fis' h'

Model 2097 SM
tuned: a' d''

Model 2297 BM
tuned: a'/ h'

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