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With our products, such as the MARTIN-Horn®, known worldwide, we contribute to making the work of the emergency and security services safer. Our promise: The best quality to ensure optimal perception.
Our expertise in signalling has been developed over many decades. We constantly seek to advance and perfect it. It”s no coincidence that our company’s name is a byword for the resounding signal that says “help is on the way” in the event of an emergency.

Qualität „Made in Germany“

At our production site in Philippsburg, we currently employ around 45 employees in assembly, the workshop and management. “Made in Germany” is our guarantee. In addition to the MARTIN-HORN® 2298 GM and 2097 GM for fire engines, emergency vehicles and special purpose vehicles, we also produce signal systems and pause warning signals for industrial plants, conveying technology, in outside areas, crane systems and engine rooms (shipbuilding). Furthermore, we produce signal generators for Co2 extinguisher systems and sprinkler systems.

The following entities use our signalling trumpets and signalling horns:
ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways), DB (Deutsche Bahn AG, the German railway company), Dutch Railways and also security, surveillance and inspection services.

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Certified quality



MARTIN-Horn® 2298 GM

for fire brigade, rescue vehicles and special vehicles
  • according to DIN 14610:2009-EG
  • 4 diaphragm acoustic horns
  • tuned a‘ a‘ / d‘‘ d‘‘
  • 435 + 450/580 + 600 Hz
  • 1 electrical blower with 12 or 24 V DC
  • Current consumption approx. 240 W
  • Volume: 125 db(A)

MARTIN-Horn® 2097 GM

Safety in action for emergency doctor, ambulance and police
  • according to DIN 14610:2009-EG
  • 2 diaphragm acoustic horns
  • tuned a‘/ d‘‘ (440/585 Hz)
  • 1 electrical blower with 12 or 24 V DC with mounting base
  • Current consumptionapprox. 120 W
  • Volume: 122 db(A)

MARTIN Tremolo trumpets
MARTIN signal horns

for security services, guards and inspection services
  • Single tone signal horns
  • Two-tone signal horns
  • Tremolo signal horns



Why choose a MARTIN-HORN?

Today, it’s hugely important that special service vehicles are noticed and heard in street traffic. We aim to achieve this with our MARTIN-HORN®. The special method that the horn employs to generate sound means that our siren is more effective at penetrating through the noise of the other traffic.
Our promise: The best quality to ensure optimal perception.



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family company  



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